Configure torrent client to hide IP address behind proxy

In a world today when identities get stolen every day we simply need to take care of our privacy.
All your activities on internet visible based on IP address given to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you want to preserve it you must use a proxy service. By using a proxy server your computer is working behind the other host and all your activities are seen as job being done by other IP address, proxy’s IP address (not yours).
Below is an example of how to configure torrent client µTorrent, but you are welcome to use any other client that would take advantage of socks5 proxy server:

In your client you will need to update the following fields:

    Section: Proxy Server
  • Type: Socks5
  • Proxy: server IP address from email
  • Port: server port number from email
  • Enable Authentication and fill-in Username and Password from email

IMPORTANT: In addition to that in order to not leak any privacy information the other checkboxes on your screen MUST be checked.

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